come hang outvid

come hang out

Mar 11 2009 6:00P The Conservatory w/ Sing It Loud, The Morning Light, Friday Night Boys, Artist vs Poet Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Mar 12 2009 6:00P The Marquee…
stephenjames Mar 04, 2009

shhhh listen.
stephenjames Feb 27, 2009

set list for tonight 2-20-09

Intro 1. Close To Me 2. Love In This Club Cover 3. Seasons 4. Cross Your Fingers 5. Ready Set Go 6. New Song 7. Can You Find Me (into With Or…
stephenjames Feb 20, 2009


new tour dates, new songs, new pictures NEW NEW NEW
stephenjames Feb 18, 2009


we may be playing a new song live. and by new song i mean a song people know, we just haven't played it yet. you'll…
stephenjames Feb 12, 2009

the pavement rolls beneath those wheels

GUYS GUYS GUYS tour this spring! featuring Sing It Loud, The Morning Light, The Friday Night Boys and Artist Vs. Poet oh and us, The Summer…
stephenjames Feb 11, 2009

i believe in symmetry

An argument for consciousness The instinct of the blind insect Who never thinks Not to accept its fate, that's faith There is happiness in death.
stephenjames Feb 04, 2009


I'm going to be gone for a very long time starting soon.
stephenjames Feb 02, 2009

So I've become the middleman, the grey areas are mine.

right now (over a 15 minute time span)... I'm listening to Cassadaga I'm in love I'm laying in bed I'm thinking about tomorrow I'm trying to warm up my feet I'm…
stephenjames Jan 27, 2009

i don't

I don't eat meat. I don't have a substantial amount of money. I don't do drugs. i don't believe in god. I don't like voicemails. I don't believe in war. I…
stephenjames Jan 22, 2009

njosnavelin, the nothing song

I'm currently in the van on the way to Texas. We're playing Unsilent Night 2 in Plano tomorrow and I can't wait. We played at…
stephenjames Dec 27, 2008
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